Duty free shopping


Does anyone know if there's duty free shopping at Colonia express ferry terminal. Leaving for Uruguay. Thanks.


Golden Rule: Know thy prices. Most stuff found at DFS is more expensive than outside. Fixed costs of running such a business usually are more than the taxes and the resulting prices are everything but cheaper. This is valid worldwide.

So, unless what you want is exclusive or hard to find elsewhere, it is best to check with street prices or online ones before buying.
Recently I compared electronic prices and the goods were not only more expensive but also older versions, lower models, etc. Not good goods unless the opportunity was unique.



On the ferry they had Campbell's soups, kraft Mac and cheese, goldfish crackers, peanut butter mms, harribo gummy bears, a variety of dried spices not available in AR, patron tequila at a reasonable price, buffalo trace bourbon.

I spent a little bit of money on the trip back... Kinda fucked up when a boat has a better selection than any grocery store in the country.