Easiest Student Visa / University


Jan 6, 2010
Hi there. My gf is looking into landing on a tourist visa this summer and changing it to a year long student visa. Which university is easiest/cheapest for getting this done. I'm not that interested in the learning aspect of the University :)

I do not know from which country your gf is, but why would you go through all the hassle of getting a student visa - if you can simply extend your tourist visa in the Argentine Migration Office? After that she could take a boat trip to Uruguay and get a new tourist visa, and then go to Migrations again.

Applying for the Student visa means:
1- Enrolling in a local university (which, depending on the university can be a costly process).
2- Going to Migraciones to hand over certain documents (some might even need to be from your home country). It doesn't matter at what uni your gf studies: the requested documents are the same for each university student (From the "developed world" at least) and you'll have to head down to 'Migraciones' anyway...

From the Argentine Consulate in Washington DC: http://www.embassyofargentina.us/espanol/seccionconsular/studentvisa.htm#2
I have written several posts on public universities if you click on my name, you will find them. Public universities are free but hard but they do NOT cater to people who don't already speak Spanish (for that matter, neither do US universities; you are still expected to do your work in English).

I would say if your gf is ONLY doing this for a visa and is not studying something she is intersted in at least a bit, she is going to be miserable, especially if she has to jump through hoops and pay fees to get enrollment documentation. And this can put a strain on your gfbf status!

Public universities are cost effective, but they also don't hesistate to flunk students, even foreigners. If she is not going to class or passing anything, this may even endanger her enrollment status and visa.

I would say, talk to your gf, find out what she wants to study, and the forum-ers can give you better advice!
If your gf is here on a short visit, then the tourist visa might be a good alternative (see ReemsterCARP's post, above).

In case your gf's here on a longer visit, you might want to consider a different type of visa. You can see all the different visa categories here: How to enter and Stay in Argentina.

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions regarding the required documents.