Economy in the uk


Oct 21, 2009
anyone arrived from the UK recently?if so how did you find the economy,prices ,cost of living etc...It,s over 5 years since I left on my pedalo;) to this lovely country......thanks in advance for your thoughts,Howard:)
Hi howard

We go back periodically, and still have a lot tied up in the UK.
Last trip home was.... interesting. England in February isn't exactly much fun. General mood economically was miserable, but looking brighter. Depends what sector you're talking about though. Service sector and manufacturing picking up, quicker than expected. The slumpy pound should help boost sales for tourism, retailers, export and ultimately manufacturing in the short-mid term. Pound might fall a bit more before it starts picking up again. There's lots of positive signs of recovery, but the looming election is worrying. The recovery so far is pretty fragile, industry is cautious & investment is appropriately cautious.

Anything specific thats relevant to you? We do our best to keep up with things back in blighty, and have lots of contacts who are well placed to give an opinion on the economy. Personally speaking, I think we're staying well out of it until 2012, when things should have picked up enough to make it worth considering going back to. Assuming the world hasn't ended by then