Education minister: Everybody has to go to school


Aug 2, 2021
Really wish they would enforce this, but considering this pre-pandemic I have 0 faith that they will.

The number of children being denied an education in order to sell socks and beg in the streets is a crime, and, in my opinion, a form of child abuse. Eligibility for planes (and continued custody) should be just like Brazil's Bolsa Família; if the children aren't in school, haven't been to the doctor, are neglected, etc. then the parents should lose both funding and custody, and be put on a blacklist like parents that don't pay child support.

There is a direct correlation between poverty, school attendance, crime, and health, and if children are already begging for money barefoot in the streets at 6 when they should be in school you can guess with fairly high accuracy how their lives are going to turn out.