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Sep 26, 2005
I'd like to know why this topic has been locked and various posts removed. This is censorship.
We at the very least deserve an explanation admin.
Marc, Hi. I cannot speak for the admin, of course, but based on previous experience here with threads of a specific thread often times they get too long and worst is when the thread content is no longer relevant to the title. That usually happens when people pick the most recent thread and add their own topic.
It is always best to just start a new thread with a new title for a desired topic.
Again I am not speaking for the admin just stating previous experiences with "locked" threads.
Matty, I take your point about going off topic and the thread becoming too long, but I'm afraid that doesn't wash.
I cite the thread of Where is George W Bush's brain? (sic), as an example, oh and the countless threads talking about Argentine women and Argenines in general in fact. The GWB thread has spiralled into an intellectual discussion on the American Constitution, it's inception et al et al. No bad thing of course, it's a serious discussion. The threads about Argentines, women or men for that matter, generally end up as a slanging match and in one recent thread, which I believe was the very same GWB topic, certain posters were even squaring up for 18th century duels on 9 de Julio.
I have even noticed in some threads, veiled personal attacks on certain female forumites, which is totally unacceptable.
None of these threads have been locked down and I therefore repeat my question:
Why was this thread locked down?
I think admin should at least give me an answer, not least for clarification, but also out of courtesy.
Hi Marc Just an FYI - last night I was having a hard time with the site on this thread and the others. I am using Firefox and the little wheel was not completing the load. Also I had a post (new thread) about an event last Sunday and it did not appear on the home page. When someone else posted it for me it showed up. Also - on this thread it showed the last post to be from someone (maybe you) on the home page but it was not there - the last one was Wynnwoods.
So...maybe wait a day for admin to answer. It could be something not having to do with locking. Or it might. I doubt if your question will be ignored. It may just take some waiting.
We either have a new admin here on the forum or those posts contained offensive remarks or insults.As for the topic being locked, does it matter at all? I don't see why it possibly would to anyone.
"Elpanada" said:
We either have a new admin here on the forum or those posts contained offensive remarks or insults.
As for the topic being locked, does it matter at all? I don't see why it possibly would to anyone.
Neither I or WynnsWoods posted offensive remarks or insults. Quite the reverse, others did.
Of course it matters. We were discussing an important topic and it was locked for no apparent reason. Get real.
Yes we have the same in the UK.....diminished responsibility.
I recently read John Grisham's book A Time to Kill, where the defendant's attorney pleaded insanity on his behalf. I won't spoil the ending for those who haven't read the book, but the fictional trial took place in Mississippi.
Anyway,as you so correctly point out, this is Argentina not the US of A and thankfully no one was shot or killed. But that's not the point and I know that you understand this, unlike the person who gave their two pennies worth (and I suspect the reason for locking the thread).
The point that I was trying to make, and I'm sure you'll agree, was how can a man get away with such barbaric behaviour in a civilised country such as this?
Oh hang on a minute, now I'm going to get flamed for referring to Argentina as a civilised country and then we'll all go into orbit once again...............
But no, maybe I should hang a minute. How does a Judge in a civilised country suggest brushing the matter under the carpet for a mere 500 pesos (£100)? Yes, she was offered this insulting gesture and I was there when she showed me the letter. Her response cannot be printed here in this estimable forum, but suffice to say that she binned it. I believe the person concerned ended up with a spot of cosy community service (breaking news) and is laughing all the way to the bank having put his middle finger up to the 'justice' system in this venerable country.
The whole point of my original post was to highlight domestic violence and ask 'where is the justice?' Fear and control are the keys to this scenario, and without my support, which in fact was entirely unconditional, but rooted in the love of a man for a woman, none of this would have seen the light of day.
Fear, you see. She was too afraid to push it. Fear of retribution. Guilt, call it what you like, I don't really care. This man, a professional would have had his livelyhood taken away from him if he'd had a penal conviction. He would have been ruined, so he hires a nasty little lawyer, throws a mountain of cash at him and comes up smelling of roses. Bingo! Justice.
So, I come back to my original post. You can wander around the streets of BA, with a loaded gun, threaten to kill people, there are witnesses, you can leg it before the cops arrive, go home and have a nice Scotch and water, put your feet up and get off Scot free. That's it in a nutshell. Oh and break a woman's arm too, but get off because no one saw you do it.
If there can possibly be anything good to have come out of all this, it's that the lady is now with me, leads a normal loving life with me and the person concerned appears sensible enough to stay away.
They say 'Hell hath no fury than that of a woman scorned.' I sincerely believe that the same could be said of men, in some cases
Thanks for your input. I realise that the site isn't perfect, so I'll wait for Admin to give me an answer.
"Marc" said:
I'd like to know why this topic has been locked and various posts removed.
People started calling names. Two posts were reported to admin. Messages in the thread had nothing to do with the original topic.
When people reply to each other it is difficult to take a single message out, because all of them are related and there are quotes here and there.
So the thread was unwound to a place where it is possible to make a logical stop and locked.

Please learn how to start a new thread. I can fork a single message into a new thread, but can not just split a thread in half.

Ah Patience Thank you for your response Igor .
Keep it nice kids. Patt (the cradlerobber lacking in morals - je)
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