Email Text Messages to Movistar and Personal...


I would like to know how to email text messages to cell phones in Argentina. I know that each carrier will have their own domain. But I am just looking for a cheaper way to send text messages here in the country.


I assume you are using a Cell with a Foreign Contact as an SMS messages wont cost more than about $ 0,20with a local SIM... If you consider this expensive then start hording some 'monedas' and sell them on the Black Market for 3 - 8 % more that their face value to subsidise your texting !
Found the following here:

They suggest that Movistar charges the person that receives the message !!!

* La de CTI es
* La de Personal es
* La de Nextel es

Si es el problema es que te cobran $0,12 por cada mensaje que recibis