Empanada Delivery in Palermo


Anyone know of any good empanada restaurants with delivery in Palermo? I still haven't found one in this part of the city that I really like. I tend to prefer the baked empanadas rather than the fried ones. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks!


I love Tonno's carne picante empanadas. I know they have a restaurant in Palermo though I haven't ordered from that one but it may be worth a try. I order from the LC one & I do enjoy their humita and carne picante empanadas. Their chocolate mousse is fantastic and their pizza isn't bad either (a little greasy but I like their pizza dough that they use)
The best empanadas in BA in general are at a place I think called La Cocina on Pueyrredon near Arenales, they're catamarquenas. I don't know how far into Palermo they deliver.