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Jul 8, 2007
Hello all,

I am looking for work here in Buenos Aires, I am a web designer, and haven't had much success, well I have, but haven't had much success getting paid. I was wondering if anyone had any advice about finding work. I don't have a DNI, i've been told that I need a company to sponser me if I want to get that, but all of the paying companies i've applied to tell me I already need to have one, so if anyone has any advice or leads, it's much appreciated, thanks.
try get at gig in your home country and work remotely.
no point working for money here if you can avoid it.
I have gotten a couple freelance jobs from the states, but it's no difference to me if I get them in the States, Europe, Africa, Asia or Argentina, I charge the same in Argentina that I do in the states, at the Argentinan rate, so to me money is money, I'm not trying to be rich, just want to make some money to eat, and I think the best way to go about that nowadays is working for a company that will actually pay me. Pesos, Dollars, Euros, as long as it pays the bills, no difference.
Rob the web design market is hugely competitive regardless as to where you are. You are only putting yourself at more of a disadvantage if you try to compete in the local market only. Forget about trying to get anyone to hire you. Think of it this way -- when it comes to a job it's you up against hundreds of other people -- if you're the best candidate but you're going to cost the company a whole bunch of time and money and generally annoying bureaucracy because they need to get you a DNI, they'll pass you over for the next guy.
Forget about the DNI -- work in negro -- if you find a good contact that is. The problem with being in negro is that there's no motivation to actually pay the bill when it comes down to it -- although it seems you've already experienced that. I'd just say forget the local market entirely.
If you think you can find Argentines that will pay American rates then GOOD LUCK. Most people/companies are cheap and don't understand that web design is a huge part of who they are these days. Add to that that Argentina is a good 5 years or more behind on their usage of the internet and you're looking at a huge pool of people that don't use the web to it's potential, don't see the potential in having an online presence, and certainly don't want to spend good money to have that online presence. Web design here is pretty much still in the dark ages. Huge flash files that are ridiculously slow loading in a country where 90% are still on dial-up.
Your best bet is to get work outside of the country. That's what the majority of web designers here with any talent are doing (Argentine and foreign). They work for foreign clients and charge foreign level fees. Believe me we've looked for an assistant for me for months and anyone that won't need about 6 months of intensive training will cost me as much as anyone from home. Our best guy we've found works out of some farm in Cordoba province, and he realised long ago that the best jobs are outside of Argentina.
Get on the freelancing websites and start bidding for work. This is your best bet to get an independent lifestyle without 2+ years of headaches and setbacks. Elancer, RentaCoder are a couple of places to start. Some designers are above this, but lets face it, you're in a different country with no DNI, probably with some language disadvantage, it's not really the time to be picky.
What type of work do you do? What programmes do you use? Do you do forms / shopping carts? Do you do the coding or just design?
Have you tried registering with e-lance:http://www.elance.com/I agree with the other advice about seeking work abroad to do over the Internet. I get jobs in the U.S. at reduced American rates, but it's still sufficient to live fairly well here. (Note: I'm a writer, not a web designer, so please don't ask me where and how I get my jobs. It won't pertain to you.)
Thank you all for the advice, I appreciate it! I will defanitly give those websites a try out! I use craigslist often, and even crazedlist.org when I want to search the whole world. My primary programming languages are php/css/html/mysql and I do some flash and design work also. I will give those websites a shot, thanks again for the advice
We are looking for a young patient and kind woman english or american who could help us with our son of 1 year and half old.
Few hours a day, to take him from garden at 14:00 and play with him, have a lunch,
play and walk when the weather allow.
We live in Buenos Aires, Barrio Flores,
[email protected]
I would help you out, but i'm a guy, and not that great at playing with kids...I am good at having lunch though!
Hi. good luck in your ventures. I think trying to get some work from the USA is a good idea if you can. However, try also advertising your services on baindextar (see web link) and other expat sites.GOOD LUCK!
Thanks for the advice hotmama, I will defanitly take that advice. I have been advertising in places like craigslist, and I will give the indextar a try also