EMS (Express Mail Service) experiences anyone?


Apr 16, 2010
Hi everyone!

Ages ago we bought a couple of small clothing items on ebay and had them shipped to the UK for our upcoming wedding in the hope that my future mother-in-law would bring them along when she came over for the ceremony.

Sadly enough, she won't be able to make it now but has posted the items via EMS and thanks to the tracking feature we were able to check that the items have just left Heathrow ... now the thing is EMS here is actually run by some special department of the very same Argentinian Mail (correo Argentino) which is already freaking me out considering previous experiences with parcels :eek:

Has anyone actually used EMS to have a parcel shipped to Argentina-preferably from UK-if so, what were your experiences like??

Feedback tremendously appreciated!:eek:
Believe it or not, Arg. customs can be finicky when importing used clothes (it used to be kind of forbidden and probably still is, god knows why).

As for EMS shipments (supposed to be faster than a priority airmail), I am afraid the time frame is quite close to the priority airmail one, although priced more expensively.
It could be in-between 4-5 days up to 2 weeks.

The EMS tracking number is likely to change for an Arg. one when entering the country. You can call Correo Argentino at 4891-9191 to know the new tracking number (if the package has just left UK, wait 3-4 days before calling).

If you live in centrical barrios of Capital, you likely will have to go to the Centro Postal Internacional to get the package (you'll be notified by them). One tip : when they'll ask what's inside, don't say it's "ropa", just say you don't know and that it's a gift for your casamiento.

If you live in more excentered barrios of Capital (Nunez and so on), chances are the package will skip the Centro Postal International (same applies if you live in the suburbs).

Good luck
Thanks a lot for your reply, French Jurist-totally hating the idea of heading back to that depressing Retiro office once again, though.

Last time we had something shipped was even worse because we didn't even get that yellow ticket to claim the parcel in Retiro but another one which made us think things were picking up and we were actually going to fetch the parcel from our local post office ... but alas! it was only wishful thinking as when we arrived at the office we had to wait for 45 minutes to be given the old yellow ticket to then make for Retiro, (as usual!! ) where we wasted a whole afternoon before actually getting the parcel :(