En el subte is scandalized that anyone would consider a Teleférico system in Buenos Aires


What next, outlawing the sale of wine? Selling the Teatro Colón? Eating vegetables?

it's a completely ridiculous idea. if it is being considered it's because they are taking the cheap and easy way out. it's not a real solution to anything.


Its not actually being "considered". Its an anonymous political statement, nobody expects it to actually happen. You will notice its similarity to what EVO has done in Bolivia, and how the first two areas it would serve are Villas with lots of immigrants, including, one would assume, some Bolivians. It could be interpreted as a racist statement, too- as in, those immigrants dont deserve a real subte, we'll just give them the low rent carnival ride that the socialists in Bolivia put in because thats all they could afford.

In reality, it was a very smart solution to the problems, both economic, and geological, in La Paz, and has been a big success there.
But here, its a somewhat twisted joke.