End Of Summer Picnic - Cancelled

Aleina Dee

End of summer picnic !

Date : Sun 24/3/2013 1pm
Location : Bosques de Palermo (map will follow later)

What to bring :

Essentials : yourself , as your private self without commercial interests along with good mood
something to eat and drink to share with others ideally
plates and disposable cups

Extras : prepare something exotic to liven up the culinary experience
share some of your secret stash of things ( Will there be marmite sandwiches ?
Colman s mustard ham sarnies ? Something else? )
A guitar if anyone wants to entertain the rest of us???

Please advise, if you are coming so I can send you a telephone number to check with, if you cannot find the place .

French jurist

If there's a Harlem Shake at the end, I'd be tempted. Everyone could bring a mask, a silly piece of clothing and think of an even silliest body move.

D.B. Cooper

Ausgezeichnet hervorragend…!!!…
Ja selbstverständlich !!!
( Zählen Sie mich herein. Die gleiche Zeit .. derselber Ort ??? )

Aleina Dee

Excellent. Glad to see early interest in the picnic.

A couple of days before the picnic I will message everyone my number,that way I won't forget anyone.

Johnny Walker : Hervorragendes Deutsch !
Yes,probably it will be in the same place. I am scouting out a couple of other places at the moment that are scenically nicer but just about everyone would need to take a bus from Plaza Italia or not mind a walk (was thinking near the Aysa building in Lugones for example).So it may well end up in the same place again


i will be happy to come along!
what about the park next to japanese garden, its much greener and nicer too?

looking forward, lela