English Bookstores


Mar 10, 2007
Not to sound like a total ex-pat, but does anybody know of any good bookstores/shops in the city that carry a selection of English literature? Anything from NY Times best sellers to reference books, just trying to locate some options while here.
Hey Igor,
My mistake, I was referring to the headquarters, which are located in Martínez, behind Unicenter!
Highly recommended: Walrus Books is Estados Unidos 617 near the intersection of Peru, in San Telmo.
Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. sell second-hand and new books and puchase them as well....
"anda" said:
Highly recommended: Walrus Books is Estados Unidos 617 near the intersection of Peru, in San Telmo.
Pricey, and the selection is poor. The owner and his wife make an annual trip to Washington, DC to buy some books (from book fairs, I think). On the other hand, there aren't many places in BsAs to buy English books .... Great selection of books in Spanish from innumerable bookshops -- if one knows the lingo.
Hey people! Eager to read? Heres a lots of bookstores for you. Print it! ;)
Also: try "Entre Libros", is a second hand bookstore. Little expensive but worth the while. You can also sell yours! They lend books for a little monthly fee what we call here: biblioteca circulante.
CABILDO 2280 LOCALES 80-81 TEL: 4785-9884
AV STA FE 2450 LOC 7 (SUBSUELO) TEL: 4824-6035.
You may also order books on www.abebooks.com second hand books some in very good shape! Wonderfull site. Not expensive and you can buy almost all you might need.
Good luck!
yup here are some
El Ateneo: Avenida Santa Fe 1860 (between Av. Callao and Riobamba) +54 11 4813-6052

Gandhi: Avenida Corrientes 1743 +54 11 4374-7501

Antígona: Avenida Corrientes 1555 +54 11 4372-8342
Christopholous -
There is a great English bookstore on Paraguay between Talcahauno and Paraguay. It is across the street from the Howard Johnsons hotel. They have a great selection of Classical Lit as well as Popular fiction.