English magazines and papers, anywhere?


Dec 8, 2009

We've been here for almost a month now and I still haven't seen any English-language magazines and newspapers. Seems odd in such a huge city with so many tourists and expats.

Does anyone know of a place? I'm particularly looking for The Guardian and Wired Magazine.

There is newstand in front of the Alvear Palace Hotel on Alvear in Recoleta that has a huge selection of foreign (U.S.) magazines. The prices may shock you, however.
There is a newstand at the Retiro that sells back dated U.S. magazines at very afford
able prices. It´s near a bookstore and a luggage store.
You can probably read London newspapers online.
Yeah ... I just really like good old print that I can sit and read on the terrace with a cup of tea. Not the same on a screen. Will try the stand on Alvear for magazines - thanks ...
The Buenos Aires Herold is an all English newspaper that you can get at most newstands in the city. It has news from the main current events going on in the world. It's not a big newspaper but I've found it is a great way to keep up with whats happening. It cost $2.50 most of the time.
the Herald is also available on line but they limit how much you can read without registering or paying. when in the states, it´s great to keep up this way....
Check Peatonal Florida, there are many kioskos that sell international papers and magazines.
Have been reading BA Herald since we got here. Definitely a decent little newspaper, but not quite The Guardian (-:

I have been walking up and down Florida a few times looking for English-language papers and magazines but have only found Spanish and Italian papers in kioskos. I will try again ... if you could direct me to a particular one, it would be great.
Did you know that Andrew Graham Yooll (ex-editor of the Herald) was also a journalist for the Guardian?

Article here:


I guess that you also know that the Herald on Sundays comes with Newsweek magazine.

For newsstands on Florida - in the past I have bought English language magazines from the one on the corner of Corrientes (on the right hand side of Corrientes as you face the obelisco) - but have to admit that I haven't tried it in the last few months.
Does anyone know if there are any problems with receiving magazines from overseas via the post. I appreciate that there are issues with packages etc., but has anyone had problems with subscribed mags?
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