English Speaking Dentist in BA


Nov 24, 2008
Dr. C. Fabrizzio Zaldivar Tejada
Yerbal 2553
Capital Federal
[email protected]

Dr. Zaldivar Tejada provides most dental services (other than implants) at very reasonable prices. He speaks excellent English. He's located one-half block from Plaza Flores near Rivadavia y Gnrl. Jose Gervasio Artigas.

I'm placing this notice at the request of the doctor, but he's also my personal dentist.
this actualy is the most benificial thread on this web site so far. thank you I do need good dentist. I need good medical plan too ;one for my partner who need a new hip.. Osde is the only one except they make you pay for 18 monhts before you can get surgery. plus for the 62 group it is expensive
Update: Fabrizzio no longer works there. Raquel Ferreira works there now, and she is fantastic. She speaks little English, but she's very friendly. I got my teeth cleaned for 100 pesos. She's got two offices. I'll list them both.

1) Sarmiento 1562, piso 4 dto. 2
tel: 4373-0293
cel: (15) 6104-3024

2) Yerbal 2553 - Flores -
tel: 4611-5416
cel: same as above
My Dentist... Dr. Fabrizzio Zaldivar is back in BA, NEW phone: 15-5425-6842. Still offering great service at good prices and really good english!