English speaking mothers in Pilar?


Mar 16, 2010

I have recently moved to Buenos Aires, together with husband and son (7 months old).

I'm hoping to find other mothers (or fathers) in the Northern suburbs of BsAs, at home with children, to get together for joint activities. My Spanish is unfortunately not yet up to speed, so I would like to meet some English speaking people.

Hope to hear from you! :)
I,m in Boulogne,I drive,have two young boys,3 and 5,both bilingual and would like to meet up sometime.ps welcome to BA ,regards Howard
Hi Frida,

I have a 14 month old son, we are moving to BA in 4 weeks time- but we wil live in Recoleta. But I am sure we can make a plan to get together?

Howard and Lydia,
Thanks for posting! Let's meet up when you get here Lydia.

Any other parents around on weekdays?? :)
hi there i'm in Benavidez,just of the panamericana,40km,not that far from Pilar,we could meet sometime for coffee in Las Palmas shopping.Just had a baby girl month ago,also have two boys 8 and 11.Hope to hear from you soon.
Hello all..
We are also moving in late June and we have a 17 month old. I believe we will be living in Recoleta temporarily.
Would love to meet some other mothers also. Will keep you all posted...
Hi Jurarol!

A coffee in Las Palmas would be great! How about Monday in a week?