English speaking personal trainer has room for 4 clients.

Erik Canada

I am new to Buenos Aires and have been working as a personal trainer/ sports nutrition specialist in Vancouver, BC for the past decade. I have openings for 4 clients. Must be committed and willing to train 3 days per week. My rate is 50 pesos per 1 hour session. Special package rates available. References available upon request.
Yours Truly,


Hi Erik,

I might be interested in training with you. Where do you train? (do you work at a gym or out of a home or...?)

I am from Vancouver (born and raised), though living in San Francisco the last few years).
I'll be down Buenos Aires for about 2.5 months (late Feb-early May) and am looking for a personal trainer. I need to lose a few pounds and tone up/cross train to deal with tango dancing-related foot issues.

Could you send me some more info and perhaps we could work out a package deal?
I've been looking at gyms and spas that have gyms but I'm having trouble making out the Spanish websites' offerings and pricing schemes (my Spanish is limited).




I am not sure if this is still open but I also would like to know more - where, at home? gym? I am looking to train preferably outdoors,weather permitting, and home (Palermo).

Let me know if you are still interested, perhaps a telephone number?