(ENT) Ear Nose and Throat Doctor


Apr 24, 2009
Does anybody know what an ear nose and throat doctor would be called here? I've looked in my OSDE book but this specialty doesn't really seem to exist here. Any ideas on what specialty here would handle a chronic sinus problem? Thanks,

lol -- try saying that fast 3x!

There are specialists listed on the OSDE site so they should be in your book somewhere -- there were 75 listed for the 210 plan alone -- try the Cartilla de Prestadores list: http://www.osde.com.ar/osde_binario/
Has anyone seen a Swiss Medical covered ENT ? I'm looking to access my Swiss Medical coverage in order to see an ENT. I've seen an ENT here who doesn't take insurance but his fees have skyrocketed.

Any advise is much appreciated !
My wife has been suffering with an ear infection for the last 4 days. She decided that she could no longer stand the pain and discomfort at 7 am this morning. the hospital she visited was named 'hospitalaleman' in Recoletta I think.

She was given an injection in the a s s of corticas retard (not sure what this is) and also a course of amoxicilin.

Not sure if they take insurance or not but I can tell you the price, 820 pesos.

She was back home within 1 hour 30 mins

not sure if this helps much.