Equity Analyst looking to work in BA


May 7, 2008
I'm a qualifed CFA Equity Analyst with 10yrs experience in banking and an Economics degree from Cambridge. I would like to spend the next yr or two working in Latin America, improving the fluency of my Spanish. I would ideally love to eventually work as a latin american analyst/fundmanager and am looking for opportunities for work in BA which would give me exposure to the region and the chance to improve my Spanish, maybe learn a little portuguese. Please email me if you have anything suitable [email protected]
I'm a specialist in the US and Australian market.I am putting together a kick ass team of 4 to 7 guys. Ideally an accountant, macro
economomist for top down (me), a charter, a bottom up analyst, someone with a book (or a talent to build one) and someone with
an office / bloomberg terminal or a financier.

Naturally I have access to all the (pricey) US research
including S&P, and my Australian team has an outstanding track record.

I'm flying into BA on June 3 and I do not intend to
leave!! I am also fluent in Spanish.Any thoughts? Adam Davies
BCom/LLB (Melb), Grad. Dip. Legal
Practice, PS-RG-146
Corporate Lawyer /International Equities Advisor

[email protected]