Escribano / Notary ?

Dear balover,
First of all the certificate you show is not a document used for this purpose.
What you need is to get an "Authorizacion A Menor de Edad Para Viajar"
It is usually a one page A4 document drawn up by an escribano. On that page will be your details, your spouses details, child’s details, notary's name and the should then say that the document may be used by either parent either together or solely, to all countries of the world, for as long as they wish and using any forms of travel that is convenient. That the document has power until the child is no longer a minor and during that time may make as many trips by either parent with out any further documents of permit from either parent. It should also say that the paper also give either parent the power to decide on medical and surgical treatment for the child without further permission from the other parent whether absent or not and if there is ever any dispute to the contrary during the course of this document it shall be the responsibility of the objecting parent to make a formal declaration to the police and the correspoding migration authorities.
The attached should be another paper. A4 green edged formulary.
Called "Certificacion Notarial De Firmas E Impresiones Digitales.
This is a document that gives the name and registration number of the Escribano, with your details once again to prove page one is a genuine document drawn up by a genuine Escribano.
Finall clipped at the back there is one more document half the size of an A$ (can not remember the code for this)
And this is headed: LEGALIZACIONES.
And is a a document to prove that both the previous papers are genuine (nobody trusts anyone in this place)
The first document is signed by both parents and the Escribano and the other two have various stamps and signatures.
Documents you will need to take along
Your foreign passport
Husbands DNI and Passport (they use the DNI as proof of ID but you need the Passport details on the document
Babies birth certificate
Babies argentine passport and DNI
Now my questions to you are this
What nationality are you
What nationality is spouse
Where was baby born and which passport does baby have at this time.
As you may not need this document.
Auntieapple, thank you for being so helpful with this.
Me - dual citizen (USA & Argentina)
Spouse - Canada & USA greencard & Int'l DNI
Child - Born in USA & Int'l DNI
I've heard the escribano's can charge around 300pesos for this?!
Ba lover,
I think that you can both travel on foreign passports therefore dont need a permit to travel as both you and your baby come under US jurisdiction. What makes you think you need a travel permit? Unless of course you came into Argentina on your Argentine passport. I suggest if that is the case YOU go to Colonia for the day re-enter Argentina on your US passport. Then when you leave with baby you both leave on your US passports. If they ask why baby has been in the country longer than you just say Hubby came in before and you with baby. I do not think baby comes under Argentine Jurisdiction. But as you are Argentine they may get crabby. Yeah, thats it! go to colonia, get your passport US stamped coming in, then do a dummy run together at Buquebus just to see what they say, if it works all go to Colonia and then you all return on US passports with equal dates on them and never get stuck in the system with the bloody documents. Once in the sytsem its like a a trap you never get out of.
hope that helps

oh!d if you do need a escribano I know a fantastic chap in Buenos Aires, he's darling he has done some other legal work for although I used a local Escribano for my permit here in Pilar. The chap in BAs is, Ponciano Vivanco. I had my cell stolen last week so will have to search for his number.
One thing I will say is that he is as straight as a dye, not in the square sense but in the moral one. He would never rip you off.
Oh yes, my last document cost around $300 and that was june 2006.
Gracias Auntieapple but my dilemma is that only my Canadian spouse and child will leave in July for USA for a month (my kid is going to a summer camp there) and therefore I was told I need to get a certificado de viaje for it's getting a bit confusing? You think I don't need to get it for them? "Once in the sytsem its like a a trap you never get out of." - I've been out of Arg for 15 years and just returned for work, but some things never change...
When I took my daughter out of Argentina four months ago we still needed to get an authorization even though she has British/Chilean nationality. Now if your child's birth certificate has been legalized here or by the Argentine consulate in the U.S. then you don't need to spend 300 pesos with an escribano, but can do it through a Centro de Gestion y participacion comunal, where it costs around 40 pesos. I reiterate that the birth certificate has to be legalized, otherwise an escribano will do, but not all of them will accept a birth cerificate not legalized and don't pay over 300 pesos. We asked 5 different escribanos and the prices ranged from 800 pesos down to 300 pesos.
Another thing is make sure that your spouse has your authority to take your child back out of the U.S. To bring my daughter back from Chile I had to get the letter of authority from my wife, drawn up by the Chilean Consulate here in Bs As.
I hope this helps a bit.
hi pedro,
what I dont understand is how we need a permit if
1, we are foreign nationals
2,our children are born abroad.
I have another three children here travelling on UK passports. They were all born in the UK and I have never used a permit with them. For the last 6 years and I go in and out of Argentina at least 4 times a year.
I go through passport control with husband without husband and I have never ever been questioned and why should I? Why should anybody travelling around the world give details of where they are going with their children unless of course there is a suspicion that the person is planning to do something "weird" or if they are subject to laws of the country they are entering or leaving.
Foreigners with foreign children DO NOT have to get permits to travel with childern here in Argentina.
I had to because my last child was born HERE and was issued with Argentine documents. Now I have his British passport I travel on that and nobody says anything. The only drag is they often stamp him with a 90 day visa. But I prefer that.
I also use the 90 day visa by choice even though not only am I married to an Argentina, have lived here for 5 and a half years, have a child born here and personally own property.
So maybe the case is if you ask for the attention you are going to get it. Why ask for documents if nobody has asked for you to produce such documents and if they do ask you you have to ask on what grounds, if you are travelling on foreign passports?
I also think that many officials have not got a clue what is what anyway after all, laws in this country are always grey. Look at the seatbelt law in Buenos Aires implemented two years ago. $50 fine for anyone unstrapped.....that law lasted
TWO WEEKS because everybody broke it and the police were too darn lazy to enforce it!
So why do you chaps think you have to get permits?
Unless of course they have challenged you at the border and they have no right to.