Estancia "La Trinidad"


Jul 10, 2008
My husband and I spent last weekend at a great estancia called "La Trinidad". If anyone is looking for a wonderful and reasonably priced weekend outside of BA, give it a try. One of our best tourist experiences in Argentina so far (we have been here for a year).

The estancia is 125 Km away from BA in an Lobos (picturesque area known for polo). It took us 1h30 to get there in a small bus, a “combi” from the centro ( ; 4381-6000; 23 pesos for one-way per pers.). It is run by a charming family (we were the only guests last weekend) and you get access to everything: horses, a polo field, cows, sheep, a dog, a grass tennis court, a small swimming pool (opens in October), bicycles, etc. Fernado, the father, took us for a ride in his antique horse carriage and let us drive his 1959 tractor. Carola, the mother, cooked up some great food and actually listened to our food preferences. Fatima, their 15 year-old daughter, was our horse riding instructor. Javier and Gonzalo, their 10 and 19 year-old boys, tried to show us how to play polo...

Great weekend. The family is super easy going and what we liked most was their simplicity and spontaneity. Definitely an authentic “campo” experience and not a tourist trap.

The price was 350 pesos / pers., for 2 full days and 1 night (Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon), in a bedroom with a private bathroom. All activities and meals included. The website is basic, but it has all the contact details.

Phone in BA: 4812-3122
Cell: 15 5015-3303 (Fernando)