Estanislao Fernandez, the president's son

Rich One

He may be more understanding of the LGBTQ plus movement claims.
He has courage, some well known politicians in other countries, abandoned politics to avoid having their children/relatives exposed/trashed by the press..
He's a loving father that claims his son is a most unique person.
He's not "conservative" in his own personal life (A first in Argentina, and would be in many Other Countries)

A break from the wife , 2 children , dog he has, 2 cars, traditional model
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Wow! Bolsonaro's son is the polar opposite. Imagine the populist movement a team like those two could create.


except she is soon to be vice president- and all her armchair critics are, somehow, not.
True. I never get the people that claim she is insane, an idiot, etc.

She's clearly very intelligent, charismatic and energetic, but with questionable morals. For the Argentine people all that means is that they have a hardworking, smart crook as vice president.