Even more scary things


Aug 10, 2006
"bigbadwolf" said:
And if you are really, really drunk...well, the girls don't look that terrible.
Dammit, I knew I was doing something wrong: I just had to hit the bottle with greater vigor.
It's difficult for an Argentinian to understand the disappointment and sense of anticlimax for a foreigner visiting Argentina for the first time. After all, the Argie grew up in the place and has no illusions about it. But a foreigner -- well, that's different. For almost thirty years I'd wanted to visit Argentina. I got my first visa back in 1978, but couldn't go because of paucity of funds. But the romance and allure of distant Argentina! Buenos Aires the Paris of the South! And then to arrive in Argentina .... You've summed it up well in your next-to-last post thought; I suspect *polite cough* that you wrote tongue-in-cheek and exaggerated a wee bit (but never mind). You won't find lengthy diatribes against Lagos because everyone expects it to be a dump (which it is). So some of the negative comments you find here can perhaps be attributed to the shattering of illusions, to an El Dorado which turned out to be nothing more than a mirage.

Speaking of which, I had an interesting conversation with my hubby last night, and he was trying to explain that there are certian things, that still make him feel anxious, after three years here: I enjoy talking about history and politics, therefore he got all the facts all together. What causes him to feel a bit anxious sometimes, is the idea of what happened during the 70s, your own army fighting your own people: this is something unknown, at least in the US. Also the way the media shows the news in such an explicit way, with blood and guts all over, is way more shocking than the auto censored news that some media broadcast in the US. He feels that anything can happen anytime, and in a way it is true, us we are just used to it...
People seem to forget just until very recently they were kidnapping people in broad daylight in their dark green ford falcons and they say it can never happen again.
Most societies are capable of falling under dictatorships and we dont allow the passage of free thought we are complicit in creating the seeds of a unjust society