Exercise in BA ...without subtitles


Jan 27, 2010

My gym membership comes to an end next month and I've barely used it since I joined last October. Mainly because gyms bore me and I struggle as I'm too shy to attempt some of the classes with my poor Spanish. I managed one yoga class but without subtitles I lost track of the freestyle part in the middle and the guided meditation was surreal....I haven't managed to return.

Has anyone discovered any classes here that don't require much Spanish or are a good alternative to the gym? I sometimes jog/walk outside.

I miss my bike in London and cycling around the parks and walking with friends, distracting myself from exercise with gossip!

Any ideas welcome...
there's a great running area opposite the law faculty. Head there at 6-7pm and you'll find lots of people of all abilities walking and jogging.
i suggest spinning classes. i have very basic spanish and its no problem and a great workout. you just need to learn, up, down, jump, resistance and a few others and you are good to go.
I do Pilates and I just watch the person next to me. Also, the instructor will physically correct my position if it's not right (as he/she does to everyone). Over the weeks I now know most of the directions in Spanish, but it's not necessary.

BA is a good city in which to do Pilates ... very reasonable if you pay by the month. I could never afford to take classes back home. I find it a fun and effective way to get maximum exercise.
I teach yoga in English. I have been teaching for 9 years. Specialize in Vinyasa, Anusara, Pranayama as well as Pre-Natal...besos ivy
I do pilates in English with Thuy (www.fluidmovement.net) who posts on this site as well. She's amazing and kicked my ass into shape in no time at all. She also does yoga and personal training.
I have a friend who does Pilate as well, I'm going to start next month with her, she told me that you don't need to speak well spanish. But don't you want to take clases? I went to AIE, a very good spanish school near Callao (linea D), all teachers are so friendly y enthousiastic, It was really great and I learnt a lot very quickly. Good luck.
Hi There

Hi I am an Irishman living here 3 years and can promise fluent english(of the Irish kind that is)I do per sonal training outdoors with therabands, body weight exercises, running and boxing pads. I also do massage. If you are interseted in this kind of session send me an email at [email protected]

All the best

I am teaching private yoga in San Telmo (groups of 1, 2 or 3). See my website for my info about me: www.salima360.com ...

I primarily teach vinyasa style yoga, which can be quite physically challenging, if that is what you are looking for. Private classes are 75 minutes in length at 110 pesos for one person, 140 for two people and 160 for three people, or three private classes for 300 pesos for one person, 380 for two people and 420 for three people.

Suerte :)