Expat lunch in Belgrano - Tuesday Sept 8 -1PM


Jul 27, 2006
Hi Everyone,

It has been several months since our last expat lunch and it's time to get them going again. The next one will be in Belgrano at Restaurant One. It has recently opened and quite beautiful. The price is $30 pesos per person (including 10% gratuity) plus drink. It's a tenador libre (all you can eat) and they have a great selection. The address is Olazabal 2450 (just off Cabildo and about two blocks from the Juramento station of Linea D of the subte).

Please RSVP to this thread. At previous lunches the attendance averaged over 20. Natives who follow the forum are also most welcome. We have always had a wide age range of expats in attendance and it's a great way to make new contacts.
I'm down for lunch. I'm 22, from the States, and just moved here looking to make some new contacts. See you then!
Lunch idea sounds great!... however I can´t join at that time during the week as Im working full time.
For others working, or just for those who this schedule work better, let me know and we might arrange for a second gathering during the weekend or next week.



veggie_pab said:
Can't make it for lunch, but I'd join the crowd for dinner sometime.
Hey guys, myself and my partner (Pascal) are definitely up for some all you can eat lunch tomorrow!! Looking forward to meeting some new people!

See you then