Expat Package - What to expect?


Feb 3, 2010
(Sorry. I posted this earlier in the wrong forum)
I am analyzing an offer for a job based in Buenos Aires as an expat. The company approach is to give me an annual allowance for living expenses excluding car (rent, bills, etc.). I will keep my GBP salary (not great but OK)
Besides what I think I need in BsAs based on my standard of living, would you share with me what is “fair” to expect or ask as an allowance?

My company (US based) is not very generous so I don’t expect to get a lot but I want to have a benchmark to analyze the offer (they have not given me a number yet)
Any info would be of great help.
Many thanks in advance.
I'm sure Lucy means well, but the figures she quoted are far too low for someone working for a foreign company in BA.

Rent for a decent furnished one bedroom apartment in Recoleta (six months lease): At least $800.00 USD and that should include all utilities, cable, and internet. You do not want a long term lease (even if you could get one). An unfurnished apartment means you have to buy everything but the stove...including light fixtures and curtains (as well as pay the taxes)!

Food: $100 dollars per week in the grocery store...not at all high if you include alcohol.

If you can get a car allowance you can spend it on entertainment and eating in restaurants.

$6000 pesos per month would be high for a local, but not for a foreigner working here for a year or two.

That's still less than $400 US per week!

I sincerely hope you present salary is at least that, and you will indeed "keep" it here.