Expats Vacations


Aug 14, 2006
Hi everyone!
Vacations period for those who work in BA comes and I wonder where do expats choose to go on vacations while living in BA.
I guess Argentineans most popular choice is "the beach"... and the trendy ones for those who are in the 20-40 years old. They love to live on the beach, eat, tan like shrimps...drinnk mate, play football, beach volley ball and TEJO or BOCHAS (I will explain those games further if you are interested).
I personally like mountains and rivers, hiking, eating local specialties and drinking local wines... what are your choices?
I did what i do each year and thats travel in December. I went to San Martin de los Andes for 2 weeks. very nice and relaxing. there were no crowds yet. If i go to the beach, it will just be a few days.
Im sizzling with no AC and few businesses in my area seem to have one on. Has anyone found a local pool yet they like? They dont seem to have municipal pools like back home. ive been to Parque Norte, but the airplanes landing zooming down over the pool is a bit noisy. I want to check out Punta Carrasco, also right by the river.
Whats everyone else doing this summer?
I am in Montevideo now. I just came for the Visa but I am pleasantly surprised. I am staying in a beach area called Pocitos and it is really nice. Kind of like a much smaller, more beat up and run down, and less dangerous version of Rio de Janeiro with bits of Sao Paulo (around the Morumbi shopping area) thrown in. You would be surprised at how easy it is to get here when you use the Rapid service Buquebus ferry. I know already that I will be coming back. I think that it will be especially nice in the beginning of February when some of the Argentines go back home and it won't be so crowded. Still, I am sure that it is no where near as crowded as Punta is right now.
Montevideo is beautiful!! Wait until February for the carnival... it would be crowded but the "llamadas" worth it.
Uruguay has its african culture alive. During the carnival, "las llamadas", organized groups of people in behalf of their cities or neighbourhood go out with thier drums along a partucular street, also "las murgas" are amaizing but you will enjoy those if you understand spanish, very, very, fluently... Las murgas sing about politics, uruguay life, etc. Their are amusing and at the end of carnival there is a Murga contest... Really good.