Expected Salaries


Sep 27, 2009
I'm currently looking for a job, and most of them ask for my salary requirements. I'm a graphic designer, and so if anyone has any specific information as to what I can expect (jr. designer, midlevel, sr., etc) that would be amazing. But I think what would help more, is some sort of general ballpark of wages here compared to other countries (the US would be most helpful for me, as I'm from there). I know it won't be a simple, across the board thing for every profession, but any sort of idea would be helpful. Like, would you say it's about half of what we'd earn in the States? Orrrr..... any ideas?

cassiem13 said:
I'm currently looking for a job, and most of them ask for my salary requirements.


I think you are going to be somewhat underwhelmed by the salaries in BsAs!


Jaja I know... it's not what I'm used to. Then again, neither is the cost of living, so I figure it'll all balance out. I'm just wondering what I should say. I don't even have a starting point...
I guess it depends on what you're used to in the States. I spent the last 6 years in Southern California (San Diego), so BsAs is definitely a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) in the expenses department. But I realize that the cost of living greatly fluctuates throughout the States. Plus, I'm just out of college, so I'm not really used to a spendy way of life anyway. :) Student budget and all...
Well I charge 30-40 pesos per hour as a qualified English teacher.that is around 5 pounds per hour...mininum rate for there I guess.You must think of the pay/economy relation though...Best of luck, Howard
I have no idea at all what graphic designers earn here...at ALL, so please take what I say with a grain of salt.

That said, I do have perhaps a very GENERAL idea of what a normal salary might be. A low level office job which does not require terribly many qualifications may earn you roughly 2000 pesos per month. Maybe more maybe less, with inflation these things are hard to say.

A qualified professional in business, IT, programming, etc might earn around 4000 pesos per month.

Teachers in public secondary schools apparently earn starting from around 1400 pesos a month, to possibly quite a bit more with seniority. Anyone ever teach in a private school care to comment?

Non-professionals like waiters and cashiers have a really hard time I believe. I've seen advertisements for waiting tables offering to pay 50 pesos plus tips per 8 hour shift (and tipping is very, VERY light here...think maybe 1 or 2 pesos as a typical Argentine's tip)

Again, I really am nobody to say what people really earn, it'd be interesting to have an anonymous poll to see what expats are earning (counting only those who are actually employed in Argentina, of course, to not skew the numbers with those earning in American dollars or euros).

But what I do know is that you will definitely be making less than half of what someone makes in the US. Perhaps one third, or possibly one fourth... Bs As is a VERY expensive city for those who earn locally in pesos.
Thanks KatharineAnn! That is very helpful, and hopefully other people will find it of use, too. Yeah, I was thinking of asking for 4000, and seeing where that gets me. I am a professional, and I do have experience, etc., so I think that would be reasonable. We'll see!

I recently came across this website (http://99designs.com) when I was in need of a graphic designer. You can register with them do work over the internet and get paid in USD. Can be something you do on the side.

I hope this helps :)

BTW... Do you have a link to a portfolio of some of your work? You never know some here might need your services someday.
I was a teacher on a local contract at a private school, five years plus a masters I took home $4,200 pesos/month. My hubby had a computer company down there and they paid local workers with computer degrees about $6,000 pesos/month.