Experienced Programmer Wanted


Jun 7, 2007
We are an established
US company specialized in developing and implementing planning
optimization software for infrastructure networks (see www.optimainc.com). We are in the process
of establishing an office with development capability in Buenos Aires.

We are seeking an experiened, result-oriented application
programmer, with strong experience in MS Visual Basic, SQL server, and at least two years of experience with
actual programing in dot net. The assignment involves converting a large
program which is currently in VB into Visual Basic.net.

The system architecture and technical supervision will be
provided from our offices in the US, but
the candidate must be able to work independently on assignments at our Buenos
Aires office (Balnavera district). An added requirement is, at a minimum, a four year degree from an
established university and a working knowledge of English. We prefer candidates
with a degree in engineering, computer science or operations research, but this
is not a strict requirement.

The job is full-time and the working hours are 9-6. The
salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.

Please email your resume, with a cover letter highlighting
your relevant experience to [email protected]