Extra Virgen Olive Oils....


Jun 24, 2013
I would love to share this course with Olive oils , wine and food lovers.
Just 10 or 12 people no more...


The course will cover the following topics:

Agronomy & Olive-growing:
From the earth to the fruit;
Cultivars and their different characteristics;
Agronomic practices and their influence on quality.
Olive oil extraction and storage:
Extraction techniques and technology and their influence on chemical and sensory quality and on stability for the shelf life of olive oils.

Sensory analysis:
Its objectives;
Anatomy of sensory organs and the psychophysiology of taste and smell;
Nose-palate sensitivity tests;
Olive oil vocabulary, selection, and customer satisfaction evaluation tests.
Organoleptic evaluation:
The methods of operation and the physical conditions of tasting for product classification and specialist certification;
Definition, origin, causes and effects of “fruitiness” and the different scales of intensity.

QUALITY – between stereotype and reality: declared quality, perceived quality and real quality;
A look into the most common fraud and adulteration practices in the olive oil industry and in food and agricultural products.

Marketing & Communication:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Excellence: opinions, prejudices, economic benefits, wider considerations, and real costs. A practical guide to wise buying and informed use.
Correct communication for optimal use of olive oils of excellence: Single varietal, blends, specialist certification and consumer marketing.

Speaker: Professional Olive oil taster Francisco Velez Funes
When:The course will run on Monday 30rd from 18.30hrs to 20.30hr
Where: Palermo o Belgrano R, location to confirm
Cost: $ 300 AR