Extract from New Yorker magazine article, 1945


New Yorker, June 16, 1945

‘Our Own Baedeker’


“The Plata River carries forty-five percent more water than the Mississippi. The wild life includes boars, pumas, jaguars, unregenerate politicians, crocodiles, ostriches, and condors”.

“Since the fascist coup, the constitution has been ignored, but we all ought to hope for the best. Argentina is still in the melting-pot stage.”

“Of a population of more than thirteen million, only fifty-three thousand are Indians...Today Argentina has four million Italians, a million Middle Eastern folk known in Argentina as Turcos, two-hundred and fifty thousand Germans, and twenty-five hundred Americans. There are also colonies of English, Welsh, Russians and Basques.

“The Argentine has the longest stretch of perfectly straight railroad track in the world; a hundred and eighty-six miles without deviating more than six inches, right or left, up or down.”