eyebrow waxing/threading


Nov 13, 2009
hello ladies,
i've been looking for a place with a skilled beautician for an eyebrow waxing or threading. has anyone been to a place where they enjoyed their experience and the result, i always get scared when new people start working with my brows. thanks in advance.

I have been to a place on the south west corner of Thames and Honduras in Palermo Soho that I am happy with. I have sensitive skin and am very nervous about going to someone new for my eyebrows but was very happy there.
Wanted to bring this topic back bc I'm in utter need of a good threading... I doubt there will be a local place that does it... perhaps a skilled expat/tourist??

If not, can anyone recommend a good eyebrow shaper/waxer... not just any place for a depilacion.. My frida kahlo bush needs a healthy shaping... After 4 years here, I am terrified of getting the rainbow, nike logo, upsidedown nike logo, straight line, etc. so I only get it done when I in the US, but I think I should try to find a local source.