Fantastic Night Out!


Aug 29, 2006
WOW WOW and WOW again.....I can't believe what a fantastic turn out
there was last night!! All in all by my reckoning there were about 35
people who came out. To my sincere disappointment I didn't manage to
speak to everybody, sorry to you guys....I hope that you can make my
next night out and we get to have a decent chat then. Please let me
know if you did turn up and we didn't even get to say hi.

I couldn't quite believe that it was 5am and I was still really
enjoying myself! Although my head didn't quite appreciate it this
morning or rather this afternoon when I finally got out of bed!

I truly met some fab people and hope to keep in touch with you all at
some point! I hope you all enjoyed yourself as much as I did!
Chris and I are both looking forward to the meal this Fri!
Hey! Thanks for your effort. It was a good place to hang out and meet people.
I didn't get home until 8 am, since I caught the wrong Bus home and ended up wayyyyyy out of town. Figure out where the final stop of the number 5 Bus is and that's where I was (lost, without knowing spanish). An amusing story for the next time we meet up. Thanks to a cute girl at a Bus Stop I made it out alive.