Favorite food delivery place


May 1, 2009
How about a thread on favorite food places that deliver in your barrio? (Yes, I know that you can get about anything delivered in BsAs...)

We stumbled on and quite like Rigoletto Cafe (4814-4777) for our area on the border of Recoleta and Retiro. They're on Rodriguez Peña right near the corner with Juncal. Delivery time can be up to an hour or more (and stated as such in the menu), but our standard order is very good, and the prices are cheap by all standards that I've seen in this area: AR$22 for a main course, gaseosa/agua mineral/cerveza y postre. We almost always get the Escalopes with cream, panceta, and green onions with a side of papas españoles (sort-of fried potatoes).

They are quite open to mix-and-matching as well. They've recently been out of cervaza (Quilmes, huh?) but let us substitute additional desserts (flan!). We've had it once or twice where it wasn't up-to-snuff in taste (fine for me, but my wife said it tasted burnt...). A call back, and they'll send another for free either then, or we've even gotten it the next day.

I've no connection with them. Nor have we tried many other things from the list, so your mileage may vary.