FBI background check + US birth certificate


Feb 25, 2018
Hey guys,
I'm a US citizen and need to get my FBI background check + apostilled US birth certificate.
What's the best way to do this here in Buenos Aires?
You go online and request the background check through the FBI website, but the process reuires you to send old fashioned ink fingerprints to their address in Virginia…the whole process can take several weeks and You are able to track everything online.…from when you initiate the request, to when they receive and send your prints to the address you give them…also, it’s not a bad idea to have the place where your fingerprints are taken take multiple sets…I had mine done at the oficina scientifica, and they did a wonderful job. You can print out the fingerprint sheets needed by the FBI when you go online to request the background check.
As far as birth certificate, usually you contact the town clerk in your home town and have them send an official copy to your lawyer, then have the lawyer send it to the capitol of where you are from, in my case, Boston. The lawyer can request for the apostile to be done quickly and usually they are willing to do that. Have the lawyer DHL it to you…and don’t forget that it will need to be translated afterwards…and also certified here in Argentina. To save time , send the translator a screenshot of it so they can begin the translation right away…
As far as the background check getting apostiled, the document needs to be sent to D.C.( or Virginia) to be apostiled, not to the capitol of your home state. Sorry for the typos in the previous post.
As you can see, the Embassy requires you to apply directly to the FBI..
As you can see below on the photo I posted, with an appointment, you can get the fingerprint sheets at the embassy…and you can get your fingerprints taken in BsAs…


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I had my prints done here by the police dept. and sent to a forwarding service in the U.S. The prints were rejected by the FBI.
I am so sorry that this happened..,,
I too had to do it more than once ..,,
And that is why I mentioned having several sets taken just to be safe …
I'm a US citizen and need to get my...apostilled US birth certificate.
What's the best way to do this here in Buenos Aires?

I don't know what state you were born in, but I believe it's highly likely that you will be able to order a certified copy of your birth certificate on line from the office of the Secretary of State in which you were born and they should be able to perform the Apostille for Argentina as well. This will be much easier, faster, and undoubtedly much cheaper than trying to do this with a city clerk and a lawyer (if you have to pay one) in your home town.

I was born in Illinois did this on line from Argentina in 2006. I had to have it sent to a US address, so had it sent to a friend in Chicago who then sent it to me (along with some financial docs which she had Apostilled at the office of the Secretary of State which was about a block from her office in downtown Chicago).
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Hey guys,
I'm a US citizen and need to get my FBI background check + apostilled US birth certificate.What's the best way to do this here in Buenos Aires?

Although you didn't indicate why you need the FBI report and the birth certificate, I assume it's because you are applying for residency or citizenship in Argentina.

When I applied for the visa rentista in 2006, the US birth certificate with Apostille was required for (as far as I know) all forms of temporary residency, but as of 2018, migraciones was no longer asking for the birth certificate from those applying for temporary residency.To the best of my knowledge, it was and still is required for those applying for permanent residency based on being the parent of an Argentine child and (possibly) being marrried to an Argentine as well.

Of course it's possible that migraciones is again asking for the birth certificate for temporary residency, but if they aren't, there's no reason to go to the time and expense of getting one if you "fall" into that category.

If you have a current list of the requirements for the type of residency you are seeking, please share it here so others will have the latest info.

I don't kow if an FBI report is currently required when you apply for citizenship, though the court may ask for one later. When I applied for citizenship I had additional "original" copies of my criminal report and my birth certificate and both had the Apostille, so there was never an issue.
Quite possible ….
I only was stating the way I pursued it at the time which I thought was the quickest and most straightforward.., apologies for any confusion or if there is a better way to do it .. just trying to help.. sorry
Yes I applied recently for permanent residence, and an apostilled birth certificate along ,with a translation, was one of the requirements..,,