FBI criminal background check - must it be translated/legalized?


Mar 9, 2007
I'm applying for permanent residency and need to present my FBI criminal background check to Immigrations. I know that I do not need an apostille but what I do not know is if I also need to present a legalized translation. There's not much to translate -just ''No Record'' and a date- but still... Can anyone set me straight?Thanks!
When I had questions like this I asked migraciones.Their email address is: [email protected] always wrote in Spanish and they always answered within 24 hours.

Just curious: You wrote that are applying for "permanent" residency. Did you previously have a "temporary" resident visa? I so, for how long...or are you able to apply for permanent residency now by meeting other requirements (marriage, Argentine children, etc)?
Thanks Steve. I'll make sure to shoot them an email.I did have a student visa for two years and was supposedly entitled to permanent residency after that time period. When I tried to apply, they gave me so many problems that I just gave up and kept living here as a 'tourist'. Things are different this time around though - in March I got married to an Argentine (not for residency purposes - HA). Apparently I will have no problems at all getting residency now.
Congratulations for your marriage AND your future status as a permanent resident!
Thanks so much! Although now we're thinking about heading back to the US within the next year or two - so I guess the residency issue isn't quite as important for me anymore. But still - its always nice to be able to work here legally for the time being :)