Fear? What do you think are some of the worst things that will happen with F&F in government?


Here is my list; please add to it.

1. Empty apartments will be confiscated and given to others.
2. Dollar checking accounts will be converted to pesos.
3. Unions will be given the right to take over the companies their affiliates work at.
4. A special tax for Argentines trying to travel abroad, for whatever reason.
5. ????


talk about tinfoil hats...
Yes, Iphones will also cost a kidney.

I am hoping for more funding for the arts, education, and job training. When Macri was elected, I had a lot of friends who lost jobs in those fields.

Pierre Smith

The most realistic one I can see is them slapping export tariffs and even export controls on key items - beef, chickens, butter, etc. - to make them cheaper in the domestic market.