Feria de Mataderos


Somebody knows what's the deal with feria the mataderos?

I planned to go there last Sunday, so I checked both feria and BsAs ciudad's official websites before, both said that would happen a celebration for the "Dia del inmigrante", with concerts and other festivities. What a surprise when I crossed the whole city to get there and absolutely nothing was happening...

At least I visited one of the "cafés notables" which is nearby.

Anyways, somebody has been there and knows when it happens?



Fería de Mataderos happens on Sunday and starts at around 10 am (although I got there around 11) and it becomes a pretty bustling place if it's a nice day.

There's a lot of handicrafts, painted goods, things from other parts of the country (supposedly). What stood out was the lack of the typical touristy, mass-produced... trinkets which made it more enjoyable for me. Although a bit further down the street (by the Nueva Chicago club) there were your typical stands selling your typical things...

They also have live music and dances that come from other parts of Argentina (no tango to be found!!! :eek:) which made it fun. The crowds could participate as well.

I would recommend it for the afternoon... although as you saw, the bus-ride takes forever. I personally catch the 63 from Cabildo and F. Lacroze and it took about an hour to get there.


ohhh it was canceled.... I just wasn't lucky that day... will try again next sunday.

Tks guys.


Is this on every Sunday during the year? We are coming to BA in November and I was wondering if it still will be on on Sundays?


keep an eye out for some "rural" products too. I picked up a big bottle of really good olive oil last time i was there, much cheaper than anywhere else "in the city".


It closes for the summer in the middle of December, reopening again in the middle of April.

Never go there if it's raining because the stands don't want to pay the rent on a day that nobody comes, and the live performances are cancelled. You can still have a parrilla lunch with live folklore in one of the indoor restaurants, and visit the Museo Criollo.

The Feria de Mataderos is a fabulous experience, one of the best to be had in Buenos Aires. Be sure to catch it some time.