Fiesta tonight at the Academy Recoleta!


Hola todos!, This is Ryan from and Academy Recoleta ( We are having another benefit party tonight and you are invited. We are also listed on the events section for later tonight.We are starting around 8 and should go until 12 or so. I hired live bossa nova and of course we will still have our wild dance party. Drinks will be there, but eat before you arrive, we don't do food. It should be fun, call me, if you want more details, just dial TEFLocal, 11 4809 0858, or if not ask for me at the academy phone, 48032209. If I am unavailable, just ask about the party, everyone here is friendly, informative, and multi-lingual. So seen you soon at the Pellegrini mansion... Hasta pronto!
Ryan Thompson
ESL teacher/trainer
Buenos Aires, Argentina