Fileteado Painting

Donna B

Feb 9, 2010
I am looking for classes of traditional fileteado painting. Any leads?
At San Telmo's Sunday antiques fair there used to be a booth selling "fileteado" signs. Maybe that artisan gives lessons, or can steer you towards someone who does.

The fair is in Plaza Dorrego, and dealers begin setting up their stands at eight in the morning. I recommend going early - after ten-thirty it becomes a nightmare.
Do you mean the artist with the handlebar mustache? Wow, I would love if he gave lessons! I have been looking for classes, too. My roomate is taking classes through IBL and I think they offer lessons.....
his studio is on Chile between 800 - 900 ... sorry not sure if he gives lessons
Great info!
Do you have to be a student at Expanish to take that class? Has anyone done it?
I am not sure actually... I would think not, as they don't specify. Head to their site and email them!