Filing and paying the Bienes Personales taxes


Nov 29, 2008
For years, I had to pay $150 dollars for accountants to prepare my declaracion jurada for Bienes Personales. I always thought it was a lot of money for what seemed a simple tax return, but I had no time or idea how to do it, so I paid.

This year, I prepared it myself. Quite a headache, but I had the time and was interested in learning, so I did it. I even prepared my own VEP and paid the tax online. I was told several times at different local AFIP offices that I could not do it myself, but I did! I hope I did it all well!!!

If any of you needs some help, I am available. Doing it for someone else will help me improve my checklist, so I can volunteer to help one or two of you. Just send me an email or a message. Of course, no guarantees that I will do it correctly but . . .

Viva los impuestos!