Filters Or Delivery For Drinking/cooking Water?

Looking for our best source for clean drinking and cooking water in BA.
Taste matters, but health is paramount.
- If we get a filter, I want it to remove fluoride, as well as chlorine, metals, pathogens and any other nasties I missed.
- If we get delivery of water, I want it to know that it's from a reliable source and what's the mineral analysis.
My porteño boyfriend suggests I choose between IVESS home delivery (mineral water?) and a PSA filter. That's all he's familiar with.
I can't find any scientific information on either website. Anyone have some solid information?

P.S. (Shower filter recommendations are welcome too.)


PSA is like a pyramid scheme and they make you change filters very often. I have installed a filter from a German guy and I am very happy with the results. Before it was impossible to drink tap water. It is a double filter system using activated carbon and a special filter to remove heavy metals. He works with many of the big companies who have problems with arsenic in the water. Great thing is that the filter mediums are imported, the refills last for a year, and the plastic cases that house the refills are reusable for as long as one wants. I don't know about the chem specs you mention in detail. He got recommended by a friend (also expats) who has a brewery (so water quality is paramount to him).

We installed our in September for 2400 ARS and it is a white cylinder on the kitchen top. I am waiting for the below-the-sink configuration to be installed soon.


very few filters available in argentina, and they are expensive.
A refill on Amazon in the USA is two to five dollars, depending on type. On Mercado libre, more like 350 to 400 pesos. the filter units themselves, similarly, are usually 4 times the US price. I just brought a basic undersink unit down that I paid 20 dollars for, and put it in myself. A good 3 stage reverse osmois undersink unit on amazon is maybe $140USD, but its something like 8000 pesos on mercado libre. Try to find somebody to bring one down in checked luggage.
Thanks for your responses, everyone. I'm looking for details on what the filters remove. A vendor at El Galpon sells a filter called "Purisima" here; I haven't met him but his flyer says it's imported from the States. Anyone know what US brand that is? The online info here is so limited.