Finally Arrived!!


Hello there!

Some of us are going to meet in Palermo this Friday (10/2) at 8pm for dinner (this is a totally informal dinner).

Meeting point: Las Cabras restaurant, Fitz Roy 1795. No fixed menu, options for meat lovers and vegetarians (like myself!).

It is important to be there early to try to get a big table if that's what we need (they don't take reservations, and the place gets full really quickly).

Just reply on this thread or send a PM to keep track of how many people we are going to be (so far 5 people confirmed). We'll try to get a table with enough space for all (if possible) just in case someone is a bit late.



i moved here 2 month ago from the Bahamas!
re: school for TX_Traveler:
i have been going to Ibero Spanish School 150 Uruguay and they are very good , US$100 per week 4 hours a day 5 days a week!