Financial Times or Wall Street Journal

BA Art

Mar 25, 2009
Does anyone here know where I can pick up current print copies of the Financial Times or Wall Street Journals in BA? If you have a door subscription, is it reliable?
I can't give a direct answer to your question and I too prefer a real, paper newspaper over an electronic version but if you find that you are unable to source what you want, did you know that one of the subscription options from the FT is for an electronic edition that is a facsimile of the paper edition?See
I found a kiosko in Plaza Serrano that sells copies of the Financial Times. However, it is 6 days old. I'll stick with the digital edition as mentioned above. The way it works for me is since I have my paper edition on hold in the States, I have free access to the digital edition until I return. Can't beat that deal.
There is a kiasko next to La Biela in Ricoletta that has paper versions of most newspapers. I think they are downloads and therefore current. Printed on very large white paper. Good stuff and I thought expensive (but can't remember how much),