Financier Ernesto Clarens Admits Taking Bribes to Kirchner Properties


What I know about fiscal policy, trade balances, and economics in general would echo in a thimble. Whether the continuing financial problems of Argentina can be blamed more on the failures of the Ks or on Macri can be disputed. However, one doesn't need an economics degree to appreciate that the Ks and their minions were robbing blind the tax paying citizens of Argentina. Whether Macri is as corrupt or not , I believe, is yet to be seen.
Macri was sentenced on a criminal case for contraband of cars. Later saved by the SC bribes in between.

While there is always corruption at any government, the K asked for brives to companies or privates (I was victim of a K Federal judges extortion for brives) while MM steal tax payers money because budgets are not spent but the money is not there, he takes loans like crazy plus, the last scandal is that he used tax’s payers money paid his caMpaign. A good example was the contract for sewers for Moron. He cash the 1 billion usd and never did the job. The mayor went to jail but not him, he was too powerful mafia capo: F3B0DEDD-9358-44C9-8D4D-28F84D925D75.jpeg
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All the judges involved with Macri finished bad. Not to mention the prosecutor who accused him on the illegal phone tapping and almost prevent him to become President, he had a domestic accident and fell on a bullet.
Those who saved him were dismissed because they were accused of being brived, those who accused him were prosecuted.
Oyarbide for example, he accused him for the illegal phone tapping and had to resign as soon as Macri became President.
If he behaves like a boss of the mafia, perhaps he is ;)