First Day To Respect Trump

For declaring war on drugs.

If he is really sincere ...( not just another lie) . and if he succeeds, ... it will over weight all the grief and havoc he caused so far.
(Even bigger than N. Korea)
The "war on drugs" has been an abject failure. It has caused more violence and deaths than the actual drugs themselves. Mass incarceration, militarization of police, disenfranchisement of millions, loss of other civil rights. You can't win a war on a noun.

I find it strange to hear people say we need a war on drugs and to criminalize drugs because drugs ruin peoples lives, and it can be true, but taking people who use drugs and sticking them into cages with violent criminals and taking them away from their families harms them immensely as well.

The president nominated Tom Marino to be "Drug Czar" the same man who sponsored a bill to strip the DEA of their powers to go after distributers of opioids (legal heroin). The biggest drug dealers in the US. Now does that sound like a man who is genuinely interested in the war on drugs?
Yeah right. You actually believe a single word that falls from his mouth? He is a liar of the highest degree. He says and does nothing that doesn't benefit him.
Exactly! He could give a crap about anyone or anything except himself. Everything he says and does is only for his own self-enrichment and/or self-aggrandizement. He could care less about his country and its people. A true narcissitic megalomaniac, which are defining signs of psychopathy.
Should admit my wrong choice of words ... "War on Drugs" .. instead of "Emergency on opioid epidemic". 64,000 die every year!!!!!
For a narcissist with such wealth and fame not to smoke or drink is remarkably strange.
Sounds like the tragedy of his brother truly left a permanent mark (even if he wheels him out) ... to charter a different path other than violence and incarceration.

May be it would be the ONE thing he can do well !!!!!!!.