Flete Drivers and/or services


I might need the services of one of these companies...to haul a desk..
does anyone have prior experience and any names and phone numbers to pass on...and basic rates...I was told 35 to 40 pesos per hour...fair?

I live in Zona Norte...so need a company either close to Belgrano or Martinez area.

Thanks in advance!!


I live in Villa Urquiza and recently used "Transportes Chacarita" to move some appliances. They were reliable, helpful and friendly. The # is: 4554-6535. They charge $40 pesos per hour if you move the items yourself meaning you load the items in the truck yourself. If you need a helper it's $20 pesos per hour each helper. These are standard rates for most fletes. Keep in mind also that when you hire a flete, the clock starts ticking when they leave their base NOT when they arrive at your location. Good Luck!