Flete Drivers and/or services


Feb 11, 2008
I might need the services of one of these companies...to haul a desk..
does anyone have prior experience and any names and phone numbers to pass on...and basic rates...I was told 35 to 40 pesos per hour...fair?

I live in Zona Norte...so need a company either close to Belgrano or Martinez area.

Thanks in advance!!
I live in Villa Urquiza and recently used "Transportes Chacarita" to move some appliances. They were reliable, helpful and friendly. The # is: 4554-6535. They charge $40 pesos per hour if you move the items yourself meaning you load the items in the truck yourself. If you need a helper it's $20 pesos per hour each helper. These are standard rates for most fletes. Keep in mind also that when you hire a flete, the clock starts ticking when they leave their base NOT when they arrive at your location. Good Luck!
Nope, David Glen from New York City, (originally) now from Buenos Aires (2 years and counting)
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