Flights To Iguassu Falls


We are planning on going to Iguassu Falls next week for about 2/3 days, but I believe in Argentina tourist are charged more for flights. I can't believe it, it doesn't make sense, you would think they would be encouraging tourist as they bring hard currency with them, but I suppose there is alot of things that don't make sense here.
Rant over we still need to book a flight - looking for recommendations on who we should fly with or any other info in regards to the Falls.
Many thanks

French jurist

It's the opposite (actually, things should be looked the other way around): residents/nationals are charged less (or used to be since this policy of two different pricings has been reduced). Justification = Aerolineas Argentinas gets a lot of national subsidies (hence paid for with taxes).

As for Iguazu, never been there yet but many on the forum did
We just booked the overnight bus trip to go to Iguazu around Christmas. Airfare was ridiculous. Going to take a bottle of wine and some Benedryl. :rolleyes:


If you search the forums you'll find a number of us have posted detailed trip reports, here's what I wrote in 2009: We paid another visit in January of this year, but I wasn't sufficiently motivated to write another trip report. We also visited Esteros de Ibera, Posadas, and the Ycreta dam; here are some photos: