Football with sound? A hopeless dream?


Oct 23, 2009
This is my last ditch attempt before giving up on BA ‘bars’ all together.

Now, does ANYONE know of a bar that shows premiership football with the sound on!!!!

We’ve tried all the usual suspects.
The two most disappointing:

Gibraltar (my greatest hope)

Also no for the Alamo who despite the only people in the bar were watching the match they wouldn’t turn on the sound, in fact, they turned UP the music.
Still D.R.E blaring isn’t exactly football watching music. We left even though we would have spent our money happily and I will NEVER return because of it.

Does anywhere show the English teams play with the sound on????

I know the season is nearly over but I’m so worried that this will happen in the world cup and they will show the ARG matches with sound and then as soon as another team comes on turn up the reggaeton!

But I guess I’ll worry about that at the time. Bad enough Ireland aren’t in and PaddyPower next door to the pub isn't the norm!:p

We don’t have the privilege of a TV of our own. :(
Dont feel bad went to Sugar last night to watch the Bulls-Cavaliers and some Argie jackass stood in front of the big screen the whole time and enjoyed making shadow animals on the wall far too much for someone old enough to be in a bar.
Bad news about the Alamo, guess they are only interested in US sports. I have recommended the place for the World Cup, but now I am having second thoughts.
I do know the Gibraltar is getting a second TV in for the World Cup..... Maybe the commentary will be on, but it will be en espanol....
Liam3494 said:
I do know the Gibraltar is getting a second TV in for the World Cup..... Maybe the commentary will be on, but it will be en espanol....

I dont mind spanish commentary! Just not music over the top, it's like watching a best of goals from the season compilation for 90 mins. execpt much less exciting.....
Go to Sugar. They'll have the sound on. They're going to have all the World Cup Matches, I think, and drink specials while you're watching them. Talk to Keith, he'll make sure that the game you want to watch will be on. Tell him Con sent you.
I get very anxious whenever there's a big match I want to watch on cable. I have a preference for Italian football and Champion's League, but enjoy watching big Premier League games and whatever internationals are on as well. The problem is it's hard to be sure you'll be able to watch the game at the different bars. I've found:

Alamo: opens around 3:30/4pm on week days, and there's not usually many people there at that time, so they will put on CL games or whatever you ask them to. The problem is when there's someone working who doesn't know how to change the channels (so you miss the first 20 mins), or they hate football and refuse to turn the sound on. Like someone mentioned, they'll blast our Metallica or something equally inappropriate. Generally, though, it's a pretty good bet.

Gibraltar: Only one TV, so limited for choice, but I've found they guy will generally put whatever game on you ask him to, especially if it's Premier League. I reckon he'd probably turn the sound on if you ask him nicely too.

Casabar: Difficult because of the opening times (after 7pm last time I checked), but the owner will usually put on whatever you ask. Similar problems to the Alamo when he's not around - the often can't figure out the channels for some reason.

I've never been to Sugar, but that sounds like a good bet. I'll have to try it.