Foreigners may be forced to pay for free health care while in the country.

The government is considering this option to stem the tide of immigrants mostly from Bolivia & Paraguay who cross the border to be treated in Argentina. But a foreigner is a foreigner, it would be discriminatory to single out people from Bolivia & Paraguay only.
Apparently this is taxing the free health care systems in the Northern provinces mostly in Jujuy & Salta but also in the capital.
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This is great news as long as the money goes back into resourcing hospitals and staff. Too long this country has been a source of leaching from too many people. I know a lot of people in the medical industry and this is a massive problem.. At what point do you stop pretending like your system can welcome everyone without any negative repercussions.
I met a beautiful Argentine girl for a date yesterday. She is studying medicine at facultad de medicina. And she and I had a profound conversation on this very topic. She said that her class is full of Venezuelans, Brazilians and Colombians taking free medical education. And the hospitals she trains at is full of foreigners taking free treatment. She was strongly in support of the current step by the govt. And so am I. I really hope this is done all over the country. No more free education and free hospitals to foreigners.
Be careful - soon Bajo will come in here calling us racist. I spent hours and hours at migraciones - full of Brazilians coming here to study for free.. You think they stay here after they get the degree? Hahaha good one.
My view as a simpleton.

USA Mindset: Education should not be free. It should cost much more for foreigners.

Argentina Mindset: Mmmm, I don't know. Traditionally we have always valued higher education. That's what make Argentina Argentina. We already have a system out there - a lot of public universities and faculty members to accommodate a huge number of students each year. If some students from neighboring countries come here to study, live and do part time job (pointing to the Colombian waitress at a distance), we are quite OK with it. We welcome them. It is not all about money.

The second answer was what an Argentinian friend told me in April, 2016 in Buenos Aires. We were having tapas at Limbo. My question was if she was happy to see her tax money being spent for foreign students.

I, like many members of this forum, chose Argentina. The fact that people here can think like this was one of my reasons. I like the hug-and-kiss too.

BTW, I fully support the decision made by the Jujuy government. It is not that bad. If you read the article linked in OP fully, you'll understand that their objective is to achieve reciprocity with Bolivia.
I get the impression this country wouldn't have any new buildings if it wasn't for foreign workers, all because Argentines are so militant. So I'm all for giving those who come to work here free treatment.