Franchise for 16 and 17-year-olds - and letting people decide


That's sorted then.

Details of Scotland's 'most important political decision in 300 years'

"Under UK referendum legislation which is policed by the [UK Electoral] commission, Holyrood will be allowed to extend the vote to 16 and 17 year olds for the first time in a major vote in the UK. The Scottish parliament has already allowed them to vote in health board and crofting elections."

Now watching to see if Cristina is quick to pray in aid this political deal in the UK to support of the proposed extension of the franchise in Argentina .. and the implication that people can be allowed to constitutionally decide if they wish to wish to remain part of a country or not (Falklands).

Expect to see her tango her way through this - it would be out of character for her to not give some sort of commentary - or one of her stooges to spout forth.


Phil, I'm not at all sure what she may be expected to say, if anything.
The Falklands referendum on self determination is set for early next year I believe and the outcome is almost inevitable.